Sunday , January 29 2023

The neuroscientist finds the previously hidden area in the human brain


An Australian neurologist has discovered a brain that has not been well-researched in laboratory animals.

Nowadays the area known as endorrhythmoph nucleus has been noted for more than 30 years, but in recent years the researchers have confirmed their existence. The latest monitoring method and imaging enabled this discovery.

"There is nothing more fun, a neuro scientist kantupitikkunnatinekkal a region previously unknown human brain. This region kurannilum other mrgannalilumilla. Neurosciences Research Australia endearestripheam suspected that the nucleus of the brain (neuro), Professor George paksiyeaneas said: manusyamastikk large valippattinappuramulla Things must be facilitated. A statement.

The new foundation is located in the lower cereebel area near the Sunshine Road Junction in the brain. This is the responsibility of synchronizing our motor, balance, motor motions, and syncing the motor information.

The revolutionary new discoveries about the functioning of the brain were discovered and the goal was to treat many diseases like Parkinson's Disease and Motor Neuron Disease.

"The human brain and spinal cord show profound passoonos, a detailed framework for testing synaptic fungal treatments for diseases in the brain." CEO of Nurea Said Peter Schofield.

There are extraordinarily large brains for humans that are three times larger than our close relatives. Its behavior is not complicated. If you learn more about how the newly discovered area behaves and how they interact, you can learn more about human health.

"This must be done to determine the functioning of the newly discovered brain," said George Paxius. "Now that it's mapped, you can learn more in a more vast research community."

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