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The most dangerous glacier in the world is disintegrating

January 31, 2019 – 16:47
Florida's state is similar in size to the trout, with a mass of 14,000 million tons of ice. Its disintegration increases the sea level by two centimeters.

Due to the rising sea level, it is considered the most dangerous glacier in the world. Now, awakens a new investigation. The giant giant gem, rising at the bottom of Tuvatts glacier in West Antarctica, is 40 square km and 300 meters in height. It confirms that this mass is split apart.

The discovery of a new study by NASA highlights the need for detailed observations of the lower part of the Antarctic glaciers. It is estimated that the global oceanic sea will rise faster than it responds to climate change.

The researchers hoped to find some gaps between ice and rock at the bottom of the outer block, which prevents the flow of ocean waters. But surprised at the size and explosive growth of the new hole. 14 billion tons of ice is enough to store, and those thick ice sheets in the last three years.

"The size of a bubble below the glacier plays an important role in the merger," said Milesto, the publisher of the NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). "They penetrate into the glacier with much warmth and water, which quickly dries up."

"For years we have been suspicious that the Soviets have not joined the roots," said Eric Riogott, of the University of California and JP. Rignot is the author of a new study published in Science Advances. When we give thanks for a new generation of satellites, we can see these details, "he said.

NASA's Operation Ion Bridge, an ice scanner launched in 2010 with an ice scattering radar, has conducted studies between polar regions and global climate. Researchers have researched synthetic aperture radars from Italian and German spacecraft. This high-resolution data is processed by a technology called radar interface.

One of the worst places to reach Earth is the Thaives, but it is better known than before. The United Nations National Science Foundation and the United National Environmental Research Council prepare a five year plan outline to answer the most important questions about their function and character. International Food Glazier Cooperation will begin its field experiments in the summer of the Southern Hemisphere.

The size of the state of Florida and the amount of springs in the country currently rises 4% above sea level. The ocean needs enough ice to increase the ocean by 2 cm. The neighbors feel that the sea level will rise to 2.4 centimeters if all ice in the ocean is lost.

It is located in the main trunk of the glacier in the west. It exits the western Antarctic Peninsula. In this area, the lowest and deep flows of the underground connections and the progressive spheres that range from 3 to 5 km. Since 1992, glacier has a constant range of 0.6 to 0.8 kilometer. This fixed rate of glacier retreats this part of the glacier very high.

The number of glaciers is used to design a hole in the iceberg using a certain shape, allowing these cables to change and grow. The new discovery suggests that this discovery may reduce the amount of ice that can trigger these models.

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