Monday , June 5 2023

The mood of the world is worsening, but the peso investment in Argentina is a party


"Summer is the peso, the winter is in the dollar"An agent on a table that shows investors preference for placements in local currency.

They have been renewed by renewing them for dollars. They know that at the end of the term they will pay interest at 2.60%, then at $ 19 at the time of the peso.. Therefore, they are not worried about the exchange rate delayed, and they think of future dollars. Central Bank slashed down from 4.75 per cent to 4.50 per cent from the provisional bank's demand. Investors have refunded it to $ 1,050 million.

In the meantime, to raise the dollar what can be done by what the central can do. He bought 50 million dollars, but investors' offers are cheaper than the floor level of the floating band. The highest price they paid $ 37.61 was $ 37.65. Most moderates sold them at $ 37.59.

In the middle of this fall, there are stories of companies that can keep them alive without having to go into bank loans without having to bear the possibility. They require their financial agents to magicize their coverage with AFIP, and have a rest to get in touch with distributors.. The goal is to reach the end of the year to see if they are reconstructed in 2020. It sells their holdings dollars.

But if the trend will continue in March, then the exporters will lose all the overseas goods or wait for a better time. There are not yet many options to sell because some of the financial urgent problems they need are more complicated and if they are thinking about the next acting. In this justification, the image of a bank window will never appear, and they will pay for their sowing and harvesting. "Your company will pay seventy percent of the annual after death," one of the industrialists said.

But when this happens in Argentina, there are problems overseas. The last two predictions of the IMF remained for the world economy and the United States. The minimum consumption of oil has fallen by over 3 per cent and returned to a week earlier.

The SBI estimate stood at $ 70 per barrel crude. Today it is 52.57% in US dollars. To reach the level of predictions, it has risen to 40 percent.

Oil and China also gave an overwhelming Wall Street proposal in the negative area. Indicators of the economy, such as sales of households, are much lower than what analysts expect. In addition, the delegation was canceled for Troop Davos because the government was closed in the budget. The latter (82 days) is the longest in history, and the first 0.3 points in the financial year.

That's why American Treasury Bonds and Gold rise again. There is a quest for shelter. The "fear index" again rose to the VIX 20 point. 30 is hard to endure.

Due to the collapse of the dollar, the country suffered a loss of 2.38% to 688 base points. Bonds are less than dollars. The bonus declined by 1.01 per cent at 2024. Rupee down 0.45 per cent.

Dollars rose in Brazil, Chile and Mexico. It sold out to the public and transacted $ 38.53 each. This is 16 cents lower than the previous day. "Blue" fell 50 cents to $ 38.50.

In afternoon trade, the rupee fell 16 cents to $ 37.54 a barrel after touching a high of 37.64 dollars a barrel. Below 37.65 dollar exchange band. The export sector is cheaper to export the export as the main receiver of tax pressure.

Liquid Bills (Lelik), a central bank to raise 57.24 per cent to $ 198,284 million in Liquid Bills. It is 0.10 point higher than the previous one. The average rate was 56.94% (-0.19 points). The value of the currency has increased by 15,500 million so far as all maturity holds off. Do not forget that each tender will increase leak volume. The rates are tight and stored. Explosives will be made until the regulations of a fixed term are regulated. It will be a day when people face doubts about the result of the election victory, but at least refused.

The S & P Merval index of leaders lost 3.57% in the stock exchange today, selling over $ 700 million. The White Front (-4.08%) of the day before the oil price rise was a big punishment. 3.16%. For the Tenars (-4.69%) and Petrobras (-2.66%) were also brought into oil. Payments were made to banks to profit. Superbielel lost 6.66%. Macro, 4.42%; Galicia, 3.67%, and the French 2.47%.

"The stock market is still lacking because many investors buy in the role of the end of the month, if it loses,Predicts a stock broker. Energy companies were their waterloo. Central Poriane lost 5.37%

Argentina's ADRs, quoted in the Wall Street, suffered widespread losses. Other paper papers, except for the White FC, have fallen significantly due to a loss of 0.06 percent in the previous fortnight. The largest losers are IRSA Commercial Properties (-7.25%), MercadoLebray (5.65%) and Banco Francis (-5.55%).

Post-closing indices indicate that Wall Street will be difficult to come up on Wednesday. The new technology is the index of stocks, excluding Nasdaq. European stock exchanges are predetermined. Asian bags, open show immediately after the red numbers.

Do you close the eyes of the worst mood of the world that offers risk protection for Argentina's high interest rate?

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