Thursday , September 29 2022

The molecule suitable for "D" in DNA is likely to exist in space


New research suggests Sugar molecule provided by "D" in DNA, 2-DXMormose Bose, The space limit could exist. NASA astronomers have been able to create DNA sugar in laboratories that are interstellar space projections. In the first definitive evidence of sugar formation in DNA in an astrological environment, results are given.

Researchers believe their results are published Nature CommunicationsShow it One of the most important chemical components of life is another in the universe And other planets can be cultivated.

"We still do not know whether life is normal or not, but we're absolutely sure The existence of basic factors of life is not a limiting factor "He said Michelle New, NASA researcher at the Research Center in NASA.

The vast, warm, densely populated areas between the stars should not be empty. The interstellar medium consists of dust and gas, which they blast with photons and high energy consumption. The temperature has come down to 22.6 degree Celsius.

This is what Nao and his team designed in the "cosmic cameras" of the laboratory of astrophysics and astro astrochemistry. Using a vacuum chamber, an aluminum substance shook zero. It also added gas vapor and methanol containing normal carbon.

At such a low temperature, a yellow layer formed on the surface of the material. Researchers have examined heat exchangers with ultraviolet light. Various sugar derivatives have been created, As well as the sugar complex 2-decomerbose.

Another team in France has done research in 2016 Similar detection The RNA used for the body to produce proteins Sugar, DNA in early life Is considered to be the predecessor.

"For more than two decades we have thought that the chemistry we find in space can make the necessary compounds for life, and we have not chosen a large set of molecules that we can not produce yet," he said. Scott SandfordPrincipal scientist at Ames Institute of Astronomy, New Writer of New Letter.

Add to this sophisticated surface Growing table Organic compounds found in meteorites and cosmic type laboratories. These include blocks of amino acids and proteins. nucleobases, the base units of the genetic code; In addition to the amphiphiles, the molecules class used in life to produce membranes around the cells.

"The universe is an organic chemist," Sandford said in a statement. "There are plenty of great utensils for it, some of which are organic substances, some of them They are useful for life"

The residual remnants of the interstellar medium break into new stars and interplanetary systems. Where do the bacterial molecules reach the surface of newly formed planets?

The primitive land is bathed with a meter and comets on the surface. This sample contains sugar products such as sugar acids and sugar alcohol. These sugar derivatives are present in water used in DNA or RNA, New ways to explore the chemistry of the beginnings of life.

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