Thursday , June 8 2023

The "Lake of Snowball" mounts on the GDP and the Central Reserve


Central Bank has reduced interest rate on repayment of liquidity letters Until the sixth day of continuous On an average 56.94% per year up to 7 days Lelé was able to raise $ 15,000 million for the second consecutive day since the start of the week, as the demand for the peso of companies and families is increasing.

However, the BCRA consulted the sources Infobox They point to the cold spots in these criticism and concerns. They highlight: "Those liability obligations are not limited to Leliq but also for short-term transactions with long-term notes and labels, as a tool of financial investment to achieve the goal of monetary easing.

Therefore, they say, under the leadership of gvadea sandlarisinre, "It's snowing again when they are working in order to prevent the phenomenon is not only a tool for dealing with the banking system Lekhi, BCRA control, this approach placing financial, received from investors and from the local and international private sector lebakkineppeale, it Powered by Predictive behavior, and a few in advance. "

Monitoring Scheme, implemented in October 2018, will not increase the salary liability by 3.9 per cent under the International Monetary Fund's Agreement by mid September. Because Laeke's equity ended in December of the $ 400 billion (from $ 834 billion) in September 28 to January 22. The $ 340 billion was disbursed on this way. "

The Central Bank estimates that this afternoon will be presented at the presentation of the monthly monetary policy report, along with this change in policy, from an international reserve zone to 30% from 70% in July 2018; In the GDP, they declined from 8% to 5.2% during that time period.

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