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The Jimmy Award was resumed after the abortion restored

Actress Accessibility of Gym She explained her stand on the legal barriers to pregnancy and her controversial controversy with her statements.

It's been a few months after the Senate The program for prevention of pregnancy was deniedThe issue continues. As published Radiator, Accessibility of Gym She expressed her position and contradicted her statements.

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About prominence Feminist war Last time the actress said: "It seems to me that this is a keying change, we were terribly extreme and I feel that anything else is getting to the ultimate ultimatum and from time to time Logical balancing, As in the world of every social change. Now we are exploding, which is part of the process. We're in the middle of a radical change. I'm very proud of the new generation, others respect the opinion of the other. "

Likewise, the wife Nicolas WasckActress does not belong to the collective segment of Argentina, she says: "I have not shared the fellowship of actresses because I have not gone to the fellowship with my friends in the fellowship of my friends, I have many friends there, I know everything that is happening.

About her motherhood

When asked in 2013, lost garbhasthayekkuriccu controversial akkardi what happened jimena matrbhumikkuventiyulla agrahattal his statements: "Abortion is niyamavidheyamakkunnatin anukulamayirunnenkilum, I'm Pro-Life. I think it is atisayakaramanenn life to the world. I am'mayalla, but of course it is. It is a desire to , Will be in the future. "

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He added: "It is bhrantanakkunnilla us, do not think about it. We have a responsibility, a social responsibility. We want it, but not the obligation, to. I am not disturbing me, they asked me to be a mother. That is what happened to the vivahatteateyum. I do not always compelling Takarkkentatunt of social paradijikkum. I need nothing to do with myself"

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