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The insolvency and humiliation of the Hebi de bonfire for awareness on the G20

Heb de bonfini Mothers in Plaza de Mao announced a Thursday march on Thursdays and held a press conference this morning. The fence of security forces in the ongoing sector was organized.

"Everything is going on, but the struggle is going on, we have never stopped it in 42 years," Bonaphini started. What actually happened. Finally, this law was done every Thursday.

Again the speech of the leader was again a racist. On this occasion, Bonifie's anger is aimed at the G20 summit: "We do not want them here, we do not ask them or see them, and what they do is shameful".

In his message, he was Mauritius McChry, president "Poor boat" Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman, "The king who came to this sheikh takes the eggs and changes everything and eats them food, as he does in heaven, like a bed, he weeps, and one day he is going to kill him."

On the other day, Bonafini remembered George Soros at a teleconference with Davos, and remembered when he participated in the protests against the G20 in Genoa in 2011. "We Speak to Them, Spitting on Their faces"Bonafani had called his time in Italy He asked to do the same thing in Buenos Aires tomorrow.

"We are expecting tomorrow to be a fellow traveler and these people need to give us everything we need," he said.

In the closet, he congratulated Nestor, Christina Kinnner and Hugo Chávez. "This is what we need, thousands of children allow us to live in peace and to expel them like Nestor and Cristina, to leave them, and Chavez to come" & We send them to hell, we must send them & # 39; He closed.

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