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The Insight Investigation will study the inner part of Mars


After a Mars mission in half a million years, the NASA spacecraft will have known "six-and-a-half-minute terror". You should avoid cutting a parachute and broken rope in it. If everything goes according to the plan, it will only decrease 2.24 meters per second and leave the limbs of the foot on the red planet to study its insulin. This Monday is coming.

There is no chance of project manager Tom Hofmann's head. "For years our team has been working hard and this moment is ready … Finally we can take action on all our preparations"He summarized.

The entrance of the query will be a rectangle of 10 x 24 km. Crossings require 479 million kilometers, scientists, football metaphor, "Build a goal from 130,000 kilometers". In the next 25 seconds, Insight uses its torch shield and a second before it touches the desert on Mars, which will help it find faster and faster.

Despite optimism, uncertainty exists, they are well established: only 40 percent of the fatal missions on various missions by various space agencies have been successful. For this reason, the accuracy of its size and the aerodynamic factors, such as drag, wind speeds and atmospheric velocities, will be important for the ship to experience.

The American Space Agency has a very prominent position with the attractions of Insight. It can also choose a sunspot surface. "The Greatest Parking on Mars", Elysium Planitia Plains. Additionally, a fully loaded loaded vessel costs $ 1 billion and costs about $ 1 billion. "Once it arrives, the process of selecting the best locations to establish science devices will begin"Explained specialist.

The interior of the planet is intended to study with the two main instruments. Seismograph, which analyzes and analyzes the soil vibrations that are responsible for earthquakes and meteorites. A thermal flow query that warms up to 15 times more graphic than its predecessors to determine the amount of heat to escape from its small intestine.

NASA is a test to measure it "Significant Signs" Mars travels through its pulse (geology) and heat (heat). "Engineers take their time to determine the next steps, and when these tools are installed, the insights will be spent on Tuesday (26 months)," Hoffman said.

In addition, special cameras will produce high quality color images and if not enough, the Insight will fly off from behind two Insights on Mars Cubbon One, delivering the information and communicating with them on the earth.

Why checking the Martian internal test? Several reports have shown that decades prior to being one of the scientific priorities. In the following years several missions were put forward, but were not successful. That is why international expectations for this Monday are: the main equipment, the UK, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and Poland.

We can form other planetary planets, such as Earth and the moon, through a deep intrusion of Mars. In short, a closely related relative created from the same early elements 4,500 million years ago.

We learn from that cool, rocky desert that lights up our existence. Moreover, beyond all, it will be important to fulfill one of the great dreams of marching in the history of winning the place: in recent years to explore a human on the surface of Mars.

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