Thursday , September 29 2022

The fourth consecutive month of decline in sales was due to the surge in sales of supermarkets


Selling at the shopping center 18.6% crashed October and supermarket They fell by 10%On international criteria, they went on a consistent fourth consecutive month of negative trend. The Index reported the strongest trend of the period. Private sources hope that consumption will continue to rise again after April 2019.

In October, 2012, Pegosos sold 3,669.6 million pounds at shopping centers. Total sales stood at 24,987.4 million units in the same month last year.

Inflationary processes, Value redundancy and financial meltdown They control the consumption of supermarket and shopping. The following results were recorded in supermarkets: 2.8 per cent decreased in July; August, 4.1 percent; 7.9% and September 10 respectively in September.

Though the government hopes to leave for a holiday this month, consumption declines, supermarket business sources There are no good hints until April In purchase form.

In the case of shopping centers, the number of annual scales during the last four months: July, 2.5% withdrawal; August, 4.3 percent; September 15.1 and 18.6 per cent in October.

In the biggest shopping malls in October, the biggest shopping centers were $ 6,648.5 million, up 16.6 percent year-on-year.

In supermarkets, today's sales have increased by 33.7 percent to 43,388.4 million dollars. A survey conducted by shopping centers in Index shows a total of 37 panels. Shopping establishments; It is located in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. The remaining 18, in Greater Buenos Aires in 24 matches.

The shopping centers have 3,020 stores. Sales accounted for 90.1% of the sales. 1.9% are in other categories. Legal studies, different activities from medical offices or a commercial establishment. . On the other hand, the remaining 8% is idle because it is available for rental, for restoration or for other reasons for temporary closure.

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