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The former couple of the Swazilia residents live there

He is the prime accused in the death of Delia Aguado, 32, who has three children. He said the woman was missing in the early hours of Friday.

Delia Aguado, 32 years old The woman is a woman killed in a road accident near Sandra Canal. His former partner is late Investigation in the background of police Investigation for feminism

The prosecution and the police were asked to avoid delays Suspicious human complaint Delia's disappearance this Friday morning, The mother of three children.

It is indicative that the woman was being imposed and shocked. Postmortem continues to determine the cause of death and death time.

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Sebastian Ferna Petersen

At this time, prosecutor Eugenia Titan and the Personal Security Service investigate this new crime.


The body of the woman was found in the backdrop of this body In the spa area.

Death offender spA gatica2.jpg

The first signs found in this area She suggests that she might be shocked at the finger Prosecutor Uugania Tintandi

On Friday afternoon, she was looking for new evidence of raids and the main suspect.


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