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"The first thing I can say to you is that you will not talk to you in your mouth." Tinly laid eggs!

A dance for a dream program, which does not discriminate, will allow Channel 13 and its competition (Telefe, América TV, El Nueve …) to raise the rating every year. Because the participants of the most viewed television program are very sincere in nature, in the track, it is impossible to get things to look stronger.

For example, a few days ago, after the extraordinary return of the jury, fellow Fernandes was harassing them while talking to colleagues. But at that moment a cameras and a large number of people came out to dismiss her. He was asked to publicly withdraw his cruel language.

The first is a simple reason to lose patience very dansingil (or avasanamayilla): avasyavastuta, fatigue, stress, pain, and it is the beginning of a smile, adding completed for each partner will, in practice, Refrain, the jury have to go through difficult moments masannalkkappuram, including strong earnings Nantaraphalamayi.

Marcello Tinelli knows what has happened, so he decides to have a fun quartet as long as Florence's son Vincennes decided to appear as a jury, her ability to talk about nature in general and a matter of common sense, carisama, good joke, and everything else.

The conversation between Dry and Baby was vague:

Marcelo Tinielli: "There is an alter jury floor penny, you have a small little pedestal floor and you have a hat already sold he sold it already, it's incredible, she's incredible."

Floor Pena's son: "I liked Korea, but they talk about Flowgins, they never talk, talk and talk."

Marcelo: "You are the sound of silent people, the voice of those who speak voluntarily, the voice of the people! It's true."

Flore's son: "They talk a lot about her, but she does not come …".

Marcelo: "I'm going to say that I'm not going to talk to you with your chewing gum, let's remove the chewing gum and he gives her, he throws a little bag and he'll see something that's not going to florovín?

The Son said, "There he can not." Moses told her.

Marcelo: "Is it wrong with Laura Fernandes?"

Son: "Yes."

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