Thursday , August 11 2022

The fault of the eyes in the eyes of the judge in front of the judge


Gilad Pereg, accused of the Israeli double murder, appeared in the courts. There, 37 of them "pierced" the kittens, and gave them drink, and they gave them the water.

The accused who committed double the crime of tourists IsraelitesGilad Pergh, 36, appeared before the court on Monday afternoon. Was hanged for murdering her mother, Peoria Sarosi (63) and her aunt, Lily Pareg (54).

At the time of the trial, he was upset and said he does not remember his personality. He was named Flood Relief and Adolf Hitler. He also said that his family did not remember him and that he had 37 children, indicating the number of cats in his house.

By that time the man had been thrown out of the room and rinsed in the mouth. Sebastian Sarmiero, a criminal judge, wanted to go to the bathroom to face this situation, but the accused said: "No, everything is out."

In a meeting in court, the Cureya Rios prosecutor presented psychic expertise. The crime of victims Israelites He is hostile, aloof, objectionable, paradoxical and conflicting; In addition to covering and manipulating information, it is imperative to associate with their pets.

The prosecutor believes that these reasons and other reasons must be behind the Gilad Bag bars. One of the victims of the victims appeared to be an argument, with a skype and a translator who could be in jail.

The defense ensures that Gilad Pereg is free or under house arrest if there is no danger of escaping. In addition, they promised first raids illegal. Next Thursday, Judge Sormiyon will determine the fate of a man who only requires his cats.

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