Monday , June 5 2023

"The disappearance of a soldier", "carteuf in shock" and "last vaccination": Immaniano Salala's search looked at the covers of the world


The world was suspended for the missing flight of Emilio Sanala.

Wednesday, Covers of major European newspapers reflected dramatic search On the plane When he traveled from Nantes to Cardiff, the relationship with the English Channel was lost.

"Disappearance of a soldier", "Shock the Cardiff in the Shock", "Last Goodbye", Some holders chosen on the cover of the Argentine striker. He was to become a record transfer of Cardiff City in the Premier League in England.

28-year-old Argentine football player Imillaiano Salta moved from Nandi to Cardiff. In the west side of the Norandi coast, a private airline was contacted on the English Channel. He was traveling to the single-engine Light Airport (owned by the owner of the British club, 46 pipe plabi Mali).

When the plane started more than two hours, it went to the English channel and disappeared from radar. At the 5,000 feet tall at the time of transmission, the last dialogue of the Guernsey Towers's control tower was constructed at 2,300 feet.

At 8:30 pm, security agencies snatched the first search ships and helicopters. Meanwhile, hundreds of fans of the Emilio Salah news in France are waiting. Many French supporters met his former goalkeepers on the streets of the city.

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