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The court declared the ban and the courts had started a strike – 11/27/2018

In a new chapter of institutional stress, the benchmark is likely to be the judge's decision to pay the judges and the judiciary of 208% in the High Court is expected to be paid by the panel.

Warning about the situation ClarinUnion of Employees of the Justice of the Nation, headed by Julio Piratea, began gathering in the Palace of Justice today afternoon. This is a stop on Thursday. "We reject this obvious violation of the judiciary's freedom and we will scare justice until we decide on this," she said. Clarin.

With a note, Staff Chief Markos Pena signed; In October, the court filed an apology to the government before restructuring the budget of 1.605 billion pesos, raising a nominal increase of 40. This is due to the recently approved 2019 budget treatment. "The letter from the Cabinet Office addresses ministers in the High Court.

In a strong reaction to this request, the Peneta states, "The work done by the government, provincial governments and other state governments," notes the Penetration of the Budget, Treasury resources are strongly affected"

In that sense the court calls for the head of the Cabinet to be "in a framework of the efforts that are shared." The salary increase before December 2018 is 10% "Allow for next financial year". That is, the new budget is already being presented. "In February, as the national administration, they gathered from the government.

In the month of October, the 10-year-old produced by the court announced that it would replace the games of today's fitness.

As published ClarinThe issue of funding on the table at the Supreme Court was summarized at the midday meal summit of Carlos Rosantras, President of the Mauritia Makiri High Court.

Wrestling pursuits say that what should be specified in the Supreme Court on Tuesday, January 1, 2017, not to be appointed by ordinarily judges, is the penalty for a penalty by the penalty in the High Court, in the law of 27,346, to encourage this government or benefit the old rulers.

The voice argued that a voice could be made It is a setback to the Government to have a setback to the pension adjustment regime The court will decide on December 10 as per the schedule prescribed by the court. Markose is hot because of failures of the retirees and the funds, "the judge said.

What do you mean? Lewis Blanco, a retired artist, assigned the state to pay for restructuring based on Industry and Construction (ISBIC) based Basic Resource Index (ISBIC), not the RipTe, but the sustainable workers used to modify the average tax-rate in non-taxable and income taxes. The government has placed this index Calculate the Assessment of Assets in Historical Repair.

Blanco has benefited Benesco for favorable orders – it will be awarded before the ISBIC in 2016. Hence, the definition of the Supreme Court will affect tens of thousands of retired people. The government, It will have a budget, An update in this index gives an increase to the repetition.

Among the many tugs will be made between the changes to the court after Carlos Rosenstrasstz's resignation in the Presidency and the package of important issues for the abolition of the Rareard Lorentzate. Constitutional governance of the 2×1 application due to the crimes against humanity, the scheduled voting on December 4; Seven days later, the slogan legislation in Santa Cruz.

In this background, Courts will force the court to comply with the agreement. But they are responsible for the government. "This is contrary to the government's salary contracts, and this government has been offered to obey the court's judgments, and we want to point out the agenda now and we want the court to accept the salary increment," she said.

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