Wednesday , October 5 2022

The cook Ariel Rodriguez will go to an unofficial court to reject the Palazas


From her social networks, Geraldine Newman revealed a fact shed on Wednesday. Her husband George Ottaimi started a remarkable comment, "¡Qué mañana!" "Area Rodrigues Palacioz" of the driver and chef, accused him of spitting his wife.

"When I was working in Cama Manna, I and I had a bad time with other companions, but I said, because I tried to keep a low profile in my career, but the abuse ended, the abuse, the abuse ended, and the younger sister of Nicholm Summers said," I'm not going to work again with Ariel Rodrigues Palascus.

"I am going to meet other girls who have lived in the same person how to deal with this problem," she told the magazine La Nassian. "I'm going to file a criminal complaint, but we are doing cover art analysis," he added.

Soon, Naaman received a nice Nobel Peace Prize. "When I suffered uncomfortable situations, I was talking about production, they were eventually resolved, I knew Jej and I believe in his words," he said.

In the last hour, a new complaint was filed against Shell. Silvina Jeffrey worked as an interpreter for Qué mañana for three years. "Dear, I'm legally advised to know what to say about all the things I live in. Here's what you need!" The current speaker of the controversy wrote on the tweet on Twitter.

Silvina Guatemala on Twitter

In a debate with La Nazione, Gavetree said, "It is very seriously analyzing to provide a complaint in the law of justice." Until he passes through that law, Gavetree said he would not be able to extend much of the matter.

Rodríguez Palacios rejected the allegations of his program: "It's not good at all about me, I think they're not a place." For one thing, I and Dad inspired me to respect the people, "said the driver in the Nine cook cycle.

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