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The commercial war is kept as a hub

The US government, led by the Donald Trumpet, is officially listed on the blacklist of the Department of Commerce, and in addition to prohibiting the sale of Huawei's products in the country, including phones and network equipment, no US company has business with the Chinese company without government approval. This leads to Google to stop the update and updating of the Android operating system to Chinese language. In addition, future versions of their phone will not be able to use Google apps, like Google Plays, Google Maps, and Gmail.

Huey pioneers in rounders and 5G systems. Among its parties, European countries and some US states now see their plans falling victim.

Huawei (users will not have access to WhatsApp and Instagram), and the impact of Google's impact on national security will greatly affect Google, and your big customers will not be able to avoid the increase in Android fragmentation.

Huawei is already distributing a version of Android without Google's services in China and has developed an alternate system for mobile phones and computers in the event of Windows out there. In the view of the True Government, the company has always denied the allegation of having links to the network with the Chinese government.

No chips

Also, chip manufacturers reported from Intel Corp., Qualcomm Incorse, Silicus Inc, Broadcom Incort. But thousands of workers are "advantages" of a labor mechanism aimed at the corporations to avoid further evils, until the picture becomes clear.

Google will be forced to reduce jobs by losing one of the largest consumers. The trade war will result in thousands of job losses.

In Bloomberg's opinion, the sale of critical components to Huey will hinder the business of American chip companies such as the Micro Thinking Technology Incune, or the delay of the critical 5G wireless networks in the world including China. In addition, this will create an optical effect that hurts American companies that depend on the growth of the world's second-largest economy.

Analysis says that Hua has enough chips and other important components to maintain Hue's business for at least three months. By the mid-2018, they are working on their own chip design. This will be a rational after Huey's CEO Hueyai told me last Saturday. They told him that for some time they were preparing for American aggression.

What happens to the users

The second group printers with the influence of the Trump State Movement are Huawei users. Google said it was "doing according to order and reviewing consequences," but what about the user's control?

Customers, including Huawei phones or hardware-generated hardware phones or Google Nexus phones, can update their Android apps and install apps through the Play Store. On the other hand, they can not update to future official versions of Android.

Chinese communication technology is ready to develop its own chips to face the ban on giant America.

Huawei's future phones will not be able to include Google applications, for example YouTube, Gmail or their Chrome Web browser, which are not included in Android's open source edition.

For this reason, Google has made Google services of low-level services. So Google Play and the Online app store will work.

Google explains that Google Plays Play Wallets Servers. Google analyzes Android apps for Huawei phones.

Another dominant domain effect will continue, but other major US companies will follow Google, and existing Huawei users will lose official updates to other devices such as apps, instagram, or Facebook, like Facebook. , Telegraph.

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