Sunday , January 29 2023

The charge of security guards in Boca: "Attack against microorganisms was organized"


In the past of the Copa Libertadores Super Final Return, unthinkable happened. A group of river streams attacked with stones And Microscopic microscopes He was going to enter The monument.

This repudiable action has hurt many players. (The midfielder Pablo Perez) was the driver of Omnibus, and the match was rushed to a suspension. (Replaced at 17 noon).

Juan Tagilifro, Boca is the Security ChiefAn interview with Xi'ona stressed that the attack on the campus hanger was planned. "The attack was organized. After watching videos, I thought so. They were waiting for us in a corner, and they were kept in front of us, and it was organized, "he said.

"We always knew where we were going, and the transfer was done in good condition, and we had no problem until the stadium," he said. Then he added: "If the steps are not taken correctly, it's a lie".

The tagliproof bus driver avoided a "tragedy". "We were fortunate enough to have the driverAnd whoever strikes a stone on his ribs, He did not lose micro control. There were many people there, and a tragedy could happen, "he said.

"Players stayed away because they were shocked, some of them were sleeping," said the security chief. The players are not afraid, "he said.

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