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The bomb! What did Carina Jeanine do with Rodriguez Buon at night before the tragedy? – 11/14/2018


of course Rodriguez Buenos AiresEspecially at the end of his death, especially at the last moment. But nowhere is an unfamiliar data missing The relationship of a very young singer Karina Janicek.

He says George Realty Inside Infiltration (US, Monday to Friday) At that time, she shared a 19-year-old Cordoan model Rodriguez On the morning of June 23, 2000, Casanova had to leave his car The FIG Cool.

"What was Karina Janekin at night, did she see with Patricia Pachech in Rotorigo, did they send them?" Real asked. "Karina is a promoter of the fuel company, her friends have brought her to promotions for a ride"Journalist Pablo Layas donated.

That night, the bartender went to the famous restaurant and ate the food The CoralonLeisure is frequently used by many celebrities in the world. Where he met with his former wife Patricia Paccoco and his son, Ramiro BuenAt that time he was three years old.

The FIG Love Classifieds And Eight to fortyIn addition, he met with producer Peppa Prada. He is also son of Fernando Ordido of the concert at Lame Plata. at this time, In that list we must add the presence of JaikiniHis first steps were taken in the atmosphere at that time.

The media has been shown to have come to light at that meeting, which was shot in a photo. "I was alone with a friend, but I did not know him (Rodrigo), I do not know"Kareena has been given a Telangro Portal and without further details on that night.

Even if the singer was invited to her invitation, she was not included At the City City Bell Corruption. Rodrigue and Olmido lost their lives when they returned to Buenos Aires-La Plata Highway to Buenos Aires.

That is how Rodrigue Buenano's truck led to his death. (File)

That is how Rodrigue Buenano's truck led to his death. (File)

For chlorine request, Guillermo Miguel, The owner of El Corralon said, "At that time the blacksmith were not known, the Pepa Parada knew, Rodrigo later sat on the same table as his wife and son. But nothing. In most cases, some pictures togetherThe girl was involved with those who had gone through her table. After a while they left, and they ate. "

Recently, The pugilists revealed that they used drugs within minutes. "Consumption of alcohol and hazard was a breakdown, but sometimes it was an instrument to understand that," he tried to explain.

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