Monday , June 5 2023

The body of a 12-year-old baby died in a judicial custody in judicial custody


"Dr. Hector Quintana" confirmed this in parent organization and child hospital. Source: Archive

12 year old girl's body died San Pedro de Jujuy raped her They asked for a legal barrier for pregnancy but they denied it. Because of the local government it was the birthday of the provincial protocol.

Finally, four days ago,
They worked in Caesarean section, and after this intervention, Jujuy's health minister Gustav Boehid
The baby and the baby were well received.

Dr. Hector Quintana, director of Dr. Hector Quintana, said at 20.30, that the newborn died in Newborn's death, in their case, public knowledge last Friday.

Medical Team,
According to the Governor's order

Gerardo Morales

The procedure was made
Pregnancy during pregnancy in the cesarean section used last Friday.

The case was filed as per the statement of the mother of a 12-year-old girl. It was reported that her daughter was raped. The state needed to implement the established protocol

Supreme Court

The rarities found in penal code to prevent pregnancy



Medical professionals who rely on the Ministry of Health in the province have conducted relevant research and revealed that 12-year-olds were pregnant with 24 weeks.

The public notification was that the baby was pregnant for a week before the cesarean section had diarrhea pain. She then went to the public hospital in San Pedro. The doctors said she was pregnant at 23 weeks.

Finally, with the consent of the mother and mother, the caesarean performed. The baby was born 703 grams. The baby that was shifted to innovatology was given all the necessary protection to survive. The baby died four days later.

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