Monday , June 5 2023

The best gift is when a village console is damaged


After passing 3,580 hours A 87-year-old grandmother's conscience was broken in a videogame.

The woman deposits every hour Animal Crossing: New leaves, Nintendo video game can be interpreted as a simulation of real life.

You can build a town from scratch right through the game. This must be understood about collecting tools to build new buildings and other decorative elements.

The main character in the beginning will start to reach the city where introducing neighborhoods, expanding their home, furniture, clothes, and things to collect.

For hours spent playing, grandmother tried to make a villain full of flowers and a home like any other grandmother in the real world: And the rods of the wearer, and the noise of harvest.

However, his hobby Nintendo ended his 3DS job and finally until Christmas he received a new gift.

But the greatest wonder was his grandmother, and he knew his grandmother I had more than 3500 hoursData is exported from the old account to the new console. It has been in effect for more than 4 years every day

The grandson was unable to defend, and shared a photo of his grandmother's play in social networks. Do not hesitate to ask users to show them overly excessively How long is the villain clacking arc?

In fact, anyone with an interest may be able to see the grandmother's account if the following code is presented in the game: 4E00-0126-6834.

The girl Audrey He is aware of the video game he has taken all the tricks 65,509,177 o'clock, (Currency used in the game).

When his case went too far to social networks, it made netizens the decision to make money to buy it Nintendo SwithJapanese company's last console.

A new edition of the Animal Crossing will be released for this Console in 2019, and Odry will have to wait a little while to build his upcoming virtual empire.

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