Monday , June 5 2023

The BCRA once again bought $ 50 million, but the dollar stands below the zone


Inflation was $ 37,505. Tickets and exchange units sold in banks are just one cents. It is $ 38.52. As per the average

In the informal market, that is Blue Down to 25 cents $ 38.50According to a survey conducted by Downtown Buenos Aires in the caves. On the other hand, "Condor Convi Livi" fell 15 cents to $ 37.63 a barrel.

100% Treasury has been renewed we will see That expired, an important factor in the market monitoring.

On Tuesday, the European Union's biggest pump in foreign currency investments rose 17 cents to $ 37.53 a barrel. It spent $ 37,645 for that day. At the same time, the Greenback fell by 20 cents.

Then this happened Central Bank The dealer intervened to purchase 50 million US dollars through tender. The average purchase price was $ 37,597, the maximum price was $ 37.61. Overall, the purchases have gone up from 240 million US dollars since last week.

On the wheel, added to a central auction Liquidity (& # 39; Leliq & # 39;) is a lyricist At an average annual rate of 56.9% to seven days 198,284 million dollars. 57.2398 percent and the lowest at 56.252 percent.

Operator Fornando Isso Ziro says: "The standard of this price, the maturity and current value of the dollar and the non-intervention sector will be retained by the financial industry, and the margin of interest in the peso will be provided by the BGRA margin".

Finally, that Central Bank Reserve At $ 68 million last week, it was worth $ 66,486 million.

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