Monday , November 18 2019
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The app may cause a fallback and a service to many users

The app may cause a fallback and a service to many users

In popular services, the waterfall is going on for a few days. Just a few days ago it was Outlook (old Hotmail) that created problems for users, now it's the most popular messaging app. Within a few minutes the app started to fail, and it reflects in tweets and metering tools like downtown. The problem will affect two problems when the application opens the app or when the app is used on the web or when messages are sent and received. In addition, this is not a special failure of Spain, because they find problems in other areas, such as the United Kingdom.

In fact, this was not the first fall in the week that lost weeks. This month the service was handled within several hours and many users were not logged into the application. In this case, the problems become worse when you uninstall the app and try again to register the phone number with an error message that repeatedly repeats.

According to a live map of Downdetector failures, the problems of service between space, Mexico, Ecuador, Argentina and Brazil are widespread. One thing to understand in Spain is to understand. Many users explain that the peninsula does not report problems.

Twitter users have begun to respond to the failures of the application. Some have pointed out that some will not act directly. But no one else is explaining that there are problems with the advertisements sent to the messages. Will it take hours or minutes to resolve the issue or do all users need it faster to serve the service?

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