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The amazing cartoon displayed & # 39; How to find a space shipment from our planet & # 39;


The space traveler was shot from the International Space Station by the space traveler Alexander Jert.

A rocket launch is always a sight-you can see a lifestream on the Internet or a place to witness the event somewhere near the launch site. We saw part of an unmanned rocket launch from Earth. Many people from there get the opportunity to enjoy these amazing products.

A beautiful video view of the International Space Station (ISS) is rotating in orbit. A rocket launch on the other side of the carmann line is the standardized boundary between the Earth's atmosphere and space.

A footage of the Soyuz-FG Rocket Lounge, a German turbocharged Alexander Gerst of the European Space Agency (ESA), is filling a fact-a timelapse-missing factor, usually the eyes of the earth-bound observer.

The progress of Russia's progress was observed. Societies FG The rocket took on the Russian proxy martial of 10 cargo space. The cargo ship IAS, called Progress 71 The distribution was sent off and sent it to the orbit two days later.

The camera was also used to capture the camera through the camera. The progress of 15 minutes of progress from the glass window of the space station to 71 minutes. Earlier this week, German astronaut traveled through Twitter and shared amazing views.

As the command of the Expedition 57, Jert tweeted to the ISS helmet.

The camera was set up to take photos in the exact intervals, and timelapse was between eight and 16 times faster.

In the video, the Suicide Rocket demolishes our planet in a glow and then progresses in 71 cargo ships. The main moment of the launch is the rocket booster separating at 00:07, separating the first step at 00:19 and deploying the Prospas spacecraft and crossing 00:34 through deployment. The first stage of the earth's atmosphere is 00:36.

From the Beyoncor Cosmodrome to Casablanca in Kazakhstan, the probe rockets and its probe ranged from 1.14 in. On November 16th, Russian Cargo arrived in ISS. The trip flew 5,652 pounds.

The project spacecraft, including 750 kg chapatis, 75 kg oxygen, air and 440 liters of water, distributed food, fuel and supplies, "a statement in the SSA says.

A Russian probe was linked with the ISS.

A Russian probe was linked with the ISS.



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This is the first flight of a soy-fG rocket. Sputnik News.

The launch was resumed in November after the Progress spacecraft launched by ISC on October 30th. "Says Russian news agency Taz.

Last month, NASA's space traveler Nikkeh and Russian Kosnomat Alexi Ovichin were involved in an ISS-related MS-10 capsule last month. Two space missions have been infected and safely landed safely on Earth Inquisitor Reported by that time.

The next schedule in Beacon will be held in December. The suis MSS11 Capsule will take over a third of its members. NASA's Anne McLean, Rosasmos, Oleg Kononenko, and David St Jacques are waiting for spacecraft.

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