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The 2018 smartphone market was a "bad year"

Global sales of smartphones by 2018 shows a decline in 2019, and 2019's view is not as good as new market research.

The number of mobile phones decreased to 4.1% in 2018. Research Institute, ICD According to the company's total sales of 1.4 billion units this year.

"The smartphone market all over the world is a disaster now," said Ryan Ruth, IDZ analyst.

"We will not perform very well in 2018 outside of some big markets like India, Indonesia, Indonesia, South Korea and Vietnam."

The price of the consumer has affected the price, political and economic uncertainty of more premium devices.

Nearly 30% of smartphone sales are affecting the Chinese market. According to IDC analysis published Wednesday, 10% dropped.

IDC's smartphone makers have grown better. Now 69 percent are global sales. In the past year, 63% were the IDCs.

Samsung is at the top of the market with 20.8 percent market share. 8 per cent decline in sales.

Apple has 14.9% market share and Huawei 14.7%.

In the fourth quarter, smartphone sales declined by 4.9 per cent. The decline in the fifth straight quarter.

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