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Thank you for the solidarity of a nurse in the city. Two women found again

He worked at the Sentinental Hospital. He was a memorandum and fireman. He passed away at the end of the year but before deciding to donate his organs. Two women received their grain.

The latest information is published as an eccx. The new law, after the new law of transplant N027,447, was known as Justin's Law. This allows for the strengthening of the procurement system, strengthening and simplifying the processes and overrunning Argentina's historic records.

The number of contributors to this year has reached 632 this year with a previous record of 630 registrations. Similarly, there were record number of transplants with 1,499 operations.

Within the framework of this sponsor, individuals from Error Rising (Cookie) Single Link Center formed the membership of the International Transplanet Network in the former Centenium Hospital, the Association of Dental and Transfer Assistance, which provides the "Justin Law" The treatment of the lost family The new cattakkutukalilekk emphasizes his paper issued by yaghatannalum.

Dr. Karina Surt, Transplant Coordinator, Responsibility at Kukkar Medical Area, Dr. Members of the Aglaze and Transplant teams along with Liliiana Bustos and Psychologist Professor Nicolas Uller are "in the daily work law".

Dardo case

Earlier this year, Dardo – a donor, according to the law, kept the reserve – a nurse in the hospital at the age of 55.

A fire brigade and a man who worked with a resort in charge of his duties was responsible for moving the drainage or saucer screws.

Before dying, "Johnny" told his colleagues and colleagues at the local hospital that, as a donor, it was a family's full support. This spectacular gento, a 36 year old young buenosier, and a 51-year old Guy Guyachenes, was recovered.

Experts of the "Cookies Conference on Change and Change of Hospital Care"

Justin's law

Dr. Kareena Surt said, "Every society is a provider of the same spirit and that the soul does not agree with it and encourages the society to understand the problem and decide what to do with the body when the dead body dies."

"Multigen systems have helped to create information on justice and health care systems in society and public and private institutions from six organs, and one of the five major provinces in the country, thanks to the coordination and coordination of hospitals that participated in these procurement programs.

There is a profile for centric tissue and implementation of programs of neurological diseases in therapeutic therapy with referral-avoiding neurosurgery services. Evolution is not something desirable, but only one person can become a provider when the body dies.

"Even if a person contributes to the family's favorite arjjikkunnatum arjjikkunnatum lose. With the help of this action relieves the joints. Seabhanaman very important, is the role of the family in the life of another deceased person contributed the most pain at the moment. Because, to survive the death of the life of his death Knows, "that the protection of both the provider and calls risarveyar faith", because "it is a private medical-active, vedanayanusaricc, into the pain."

"This law has been simplified about dangerous activities, accidental deaths, judicial duration, ensuring the fullness of the patient who receives transplant after the surgery and after surgery."

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