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Ten Minutes: The brain dead body is the time when the body dies


November 25, 2018 11:41

Humans are surprised if they can be aware beyond death for thousands of years. This question is hard to understand so far. But an expert report by the University of New York University's expert report has been published in the official journal of the European Rescue Council. The Director of Intensive Care at Dr. Sam Parnya said, "knowing that they are dead" because people will stop their consciousness if they stop their body.

To examine, researchers led by a team of researchers analyzed the results of a group of cardiovascular diseases. His heart is stuck, and if tell us technically, they die. However, they resumed successfully. Studies show that patients are aware of complete dialogues. The heart was blocked and could see things around them.

From the medical point of view, death time is defined as the end of the heart rate, so the blood of the brain is drained. The first one in an attack is the pump of the heart, which pumps blood. The "thought" of the brain in the brain cortex disrupts its function, meaning that the brain tissues found in a brain for 20 seconds are not created.

This is the first response of a cellular processor that causes brain death. However, Dr. According to Pourney, it may take hours because the heart does not last until the exact death occurs.

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This is proved by the researchers at the University of Michigan. Nine anesthetic rats were responsible for the heart attack. After reprocessing, researchers found that the brain related to the "hypertter" condition was detected. Recently, a group of doctors in Canada had a cerebral intestinal function that lasted up to 10 minutes after a dead end of livelihoods.

To prevent this from occurring, cardiopulmonary respiration, which sends the blood to the brain, says, "The doctor describes only about 15% of the work normally required, but enough to slow the death of brain cells, but do not work again.

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