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Taking daily aspirin increases the chances of bleeding


In the United States, aspirin has low dosage levels for people aged 50 to 70 to prevent heart attacks and heart attacks.ACV), Even if they have ever suffered from infected diseases.

It is first performed by a heartbeat in Europe.

Aspirin Blood transfusions prevent the development of the blood from the blood vessels. But hemorrhoids are very good bleeding. So no impairment: What is the effect of lowering the risk of blood pressure for any patients than the likelihood of bleeding?

People who already have a stroke or heart attack have a balanced effect on aspirin based on studies. The second danger for these people is a risk, aspirin can help prevent it.

A new study published Tuesday Journal of the American Medical Association (Jam), Offers A spacious view Patients who have no heart disease yet.

But it's not a matter of controversy: On the one hand, aspirin has a history of heart attacks and heart attacks. On the contrary, it increases the risk of severe bleeding in the brain, in the stomach and in the intestine.

There is no influence in Asifin for death in death.

"The lowering of aspirin in preventing cardiovascular or stroke is likely to cause bleeding," says Jane Armitage, professor of epidemiology at Oxford University.

In a conclusion, Doctors recommend the aspirin caseDepending on the patient's other health risks, heartbeat Michael Gaziano writes in a comment.

For example, quitting smoking and lowering cholesterol can help in reducing the risk of circulation.

This new study is a meta analysis. This means that two researchers from King's College in London examined the 13 major clinical trials in the field from 1988 to 2018.

This method can be done to erase the uncertainties associated with each study and to publicly identify a common effect. It is based on 164,000 people participating in the entire experiment.

That's surprise Aspirin also has nothing to do with reducing the number of cancers. Aspirin has shown some studies to reduce cancer risk, especially colorectal cancer.

The American Preventive Services Task Force (American Preventive Services Task Force), a group of public health advocates from 2016, will be diagnosed with other cancer diseases, ranging from 2016 to aspirin day care from 50 to 69 years.

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