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Symphonic Concern for Kingdom Halls Return to Mexico!


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<p>You went to those fans <em><strong>The country's heart</strong></em>    I missed the chance to enjoy the symphonic concert of the game presented last year <strong>Mexico</strong>? If so, we have good news. When the second consecutive year received a great reception, <strong><em>The country's heart</em> <em>Orchestrator</em> </strong>It will be presented in our country again. This is part of the new tour section<strong><em>  -Two-</em></strong>.</p>
<p>Separate dates (do your guards), its symphonic concert <em><strong>The country's heart</strong></em>    November 23, will be presented again on Saturday <strong>BlackBerry Auditorium</strong> That's it <strong>Mexico City</strong>. Ticket sales will begin from February 12 <strong>Ticket master</strong> Ticket prices have been fixed.</p>
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The FIG The Royal Heart Attack Orchestra- The journey will begin on April 27 Tokyo, JapanThe city will close on November 30 Osaka From the same land. as well as Mexico, Japan And United States, And other countries like the concert bRazzle, Australia, the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Germany, Canada and Singapore.

Do not forget all this Country hall 3 The sale is on January 29 PS4 and Xbox One.

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