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Surprise in Boca: Buy a "small gem" that has not yet been debuted in the preemerage

Mouth Give me promises above Rosario CentralThe first division started, but the champions with the Argentine national team in the tournament El Alcucia Underneath Lionel skulloni.

It's almost there Gaston-Steve, Central Defender 17 years old All small differences of "canal" were made. Rosario is in conflict with the club In the absence of a contract that I signed in the first agreement, it would be lost"Xeneize" the leadership seemed to be a future bird.

Until now it is not official, Mouth I'll buy that Five million dollars, Three million rubber cents and one plus one each in 10 percent.

"Xeneize" understands that a "yagna" and a great idea is a good deal. In 2018 he added more AFA bounties and scored more goals. In his 9th and sixth places, he scored 32 goals in 92 games.

Especially after the remainder of the vacancy Leonardo Baldidi, Who reached the team with five preliminary matches Boraci Dortmund In place of 12 million euros, the goal was to take three goals.

The "fraud" of the box also understands that this operation is good because the lack of contract in the first professional contract is the loss of football players. The inception of the inconvenience to the TIO federation, the Club, initially complicated this conflict. "If there is anything with Boca still not raised", Confirmed Ricardo Carloni, Vice President Rosario CentralIn conversation Tasy Sports.

It was part of Geston Awav, a subsidiary of Argentine It is said Champion In the Spanish tournament El Alcucia, According to technical specifications Lionel skulloni In Central Asia in 2018 He was the national team's sponsorship On the last FIFA date.

as well as, Fernando Batista was the first player to take part in the South American sub-sail It is disputed in Chile, but remains in Diet's last court. Thats Acesville "Chi Chi", their brother, former federal, former striker of San Lorenzo, Now working in Huesca, Spain.

There are eight Boca satellites Current password Junior Oscar Alonso Mujica (Lille, France), German campusano (Attético Nacional de Medellín, Colombia), Marcos Dias (Hurricane), Aivan Markon (Cruise Asul, Mexico), Owen Blancko (Italian in Italian), Kevin Mackie Alister (Argentines) Lisandro Lopez (Genoa)

as well as, They handed it over: Augustine Rossi (The loan goes to a Uruguayan club), Gino Peruzzi (San Lorenzo), Leonardo Balardi (Borassi Dortmund in Germany), Lisandro Magallan (Holland in Ajax), Lucas Olas (Spain's Celtic de Hôtel), Leonardo Jar (DC United States of America), Wilmar Neighborhoods (Russian Senate) and Pablo Perez (Free), Edwin Cordona (Pachuca di Meczeki), Christian Espinosa (San Jose earthquakes in the US), Matt Retegui (Students in La Plata), Carlos Lap (He returned Huachipato after his loan), Augustine Heredia (He will go to Sorre Largo de Uruguay) in Nuh Mulina (Central Rosary) And Gonzalez Lamardo (San Martin de Tuubeun).

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