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Superbacterium genes from India have been found in the Arctic region

A team of scientists from the Newcastle University (United Kingdom) tried to investigate Arctic Traces of the superbags before using antibiotics. However, they were amazed: Modern microorganisms have found many genes, one of which originates in India.

The FIG Superbags are resistant to antibiotics. Although it is a natural immune system, the abuse of the antibiotics has accelerated its evolution and created "unprecedented immune deficiencies." The first blaNDM-1 gene found in India in 2008 is resistant to the antibiotics of the last resort. At that moment, it was found in more than 100 countries. But the researchers are shocked by the presence of the artisans.

"If we think it's from South Asia, this gene is not local in the Arctic region," says author David Gaham, a paper published in the scientific journal. Environmental internationalIn a statement. "In such territories, invading radiation and strengthening the capacity to increase capacity", He calculated. He emphasized the need to defend antibiotics from global gains rather than to local perspectives.

Experts understand that Because of the change of birds and other wild animals, these microorganisms are spreading, Human visits in that area. Despite this discovery, they could find isolated territories. "We may show the foundation of the resistance of microorganisms."

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