Thursday , June 8 2023

Sunlight: Why prevent injuries and take care of the moles


There can be long and short repercussions if there is no minimum protection or minimum protection.

The harmful effects that can be caused include the formation of certain spots and wrinkles, the number of molecules, and skin changes.

Augustine lol (MD 100.564), Pediatric pediatrician and dermatologist pediatrician and member of the Pediatric Dermatology Committee of the Argentine Dermatology of Dermatology (SAD). During summer, the sun must be protected by two reasons. The second thing is that avoid sunburn and avoid burning. You can lead your skin cancer throughout your life, which is why you need to start your care at a young age.

The use of sunscreen spray, especially children, is controversial. Many experts argue that it can not be practiced without the ingredients of the product and is not 100% effective uniform coverage with a space. That's why creams are most effective.

"We should use photoprotective prosperity with 30 or more high-profile photochemical components, to recommend the best product for your skin, recommended by pediatrician, pediatric or pharmacological dermatologist, advised," advised the advisor.

The higher the clock, the better the sunscreen. 50 SPF does not offer additional benefits, contrary to any belief in the product.

Children usually play a lot of time in the sun. There will be a mature skin, so they will be tired and burned. One of the steps to protect these is to avoid the strong sun noon and noon. The sun is strongest between 10 and 4 and 5. You are in the cap, glass, and clothes are in solar, umbrellas or shade, "he advised.

It is necessary to check at least one year to check the formation of spots or moles in the body. People should be aware that melanoma ABCDE (asymmetry, boundaries, color, diameter, evolution) can cause skin, nails or mucous membranes in moles and fries on the skin.

"It is a good time to remember that it is best to check yourself with your skin, but if you change or grow or change it, approach the doctors," he warned. Lonel

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