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Subas de combustibles: Stopped Nifty premium loading for 10 drivers

The main reason for the decline in the market economy of the premium naphthas. Pepsing of 28.8 per cent is due to the hike in prices of pumps. It sold 253 thousand cubic meters in a year. The high quality diesel, grade 3, the same thing happened. During the 12-month period, sales declined by 6.6 per cent.

Month-comparative comparisons between October and September are comparatively less. Total sales rose 4.17%: Premium 9.28%, Super 5%, G2 Diesel 5.75%, Grade 3% and 1%.

Final Report of International Consultants Global petrol price (GPP) Argentine fuel prices approached the world's highest price: a super day at $ 1.15. EThe average price of a 55-liter tank tank rose from $ 47.30 to 62.70 dollars a day or 32 per cent.


The market continues to rise with a 70% increase this year YPF, Already adds 60% of the sales. Axison energy (PAE) has achieved growth in September 10.2% Oil company Shell (Raízen) down 4.3%.

The council between companies has been put up by private companies. The state company maintained these values ​​in line with the decline of international crude and exchange rates, but its rivals were sudden.

Brent barrel for $ 60 and $ 40 a dollar, Far from the intervention limit of the Central Bank ($ 44), the government believes that there is reason to curb the continuous changes and reduce prices. "We see in the coming weeks, a stable exchange rate and international price, some companies are likely to downgrade them" Emphasize this week Nicola Dujen.

The premium gasoline, super gas and diesel are not the same, because we are not going to buy gasoline but have different business decisions. To see some movements, some people may come down, and sometimes others ""He said.

First of December, increase 14% Official sources said the increase in taxes has been driven by fuel sales. Although this update does not have a strong impact on the final price of the products, oil companies are hoping to add new bio-fuels to new additions before the end of the year. Market sources are considered if companies resort to their prices without transfering prices US 1 billion. Despite the wishes of Djovana, Stations in the coming days expect another increase.

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