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Strong Storm's Stunning Videos Striking City and Greater Buenos Aires City – 12/20/2018


Thursday evening heavy storm City, Greater Buenos Aires The neighbors were themselves responsible for joining social networks.

In one of the most extraordinary videos, the Swanata, a Buenos Aires neighborhood, uses a swimming pool swimming pool. Kohlan.

In South Buenos Aires, there were floods. Many neighbors warned of floods. Temper And Lomas de Samorra.

In the middle Lomas Water rose by more than 50 cm and went beyond the street.

Inn TemperIn the meantime, the low level of football stadium swept away as a waterfall.

Just as it happened at a neighbor Koghanalan Swimming was used in this situation.

The FIG LanusOn the other hand we saw a kind of "gaesar" in the middle of the street. "Water Dancing," a Twitter user was joking.

Because of the rain, Rock train He interrupted his service Meter It also affected by limited means: the branches Suarez and Meter They do not come up to retro. Belgoron R. Only the tigers are vacant. There are also delays and cancellations.

In the capital, Subtes of A, B and C They stopped working for the floods. Lacrosse, Dorrego, and Cancer Station are the most affected.

In addition, the skull is recorded Many things In different neighborhoods Belgrano, Villa CrespoWe saw floods and streets.

National Meteorological Service (SMN) warned in alerts issued at 15.30 Rain storm Rejuvenation and electric activity were in the metropolitan area of ​​Buenos Aires and the provinces of Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Entre Rios, San Luis, Santa Fe.

According to Thursday, between the night and the night, "some of these storms are local burden, strong power issues, occasional hail, abundant waterfall and localized time.

The next update of the SMART will be 9.30.

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