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Sony celebrates the fifth anniversary of PlayStation 4 in Europe

The European Market PlayStation 4 was hosted in November 29, 2013. Since then, millions of players on the console have been considered a favorite. In order to benefit the dinner, Sony's video is a video that celebrates the birthday of the most sold-out console in which they accept the information sharing the players about their achievements.

Today, the fifth anniversary of the PlayStation Europe official YouTube Channel Console has brought down a smashing video and did not find the best way to celebrate with some special titles than some of the players. With a video titled "5 Years of Adventure", players finished with 46 million Thunderstorms Horizon: Zero Don, Within Golf course of everyone 2 million holes are recorded at one Clean Omega Collection More than 1.7 million hours of racing cost. Also, Gran tourism sport Players traveled 10,600 million km to 260,000 times worldwide.

About 630,000 players have been disclosed by Sony In the blood Already acquiring platinum trophy and 1 million contract completed Firewall: Zero How. Also, Astro Boat Rescue Mission 18 million enemies have failed Detroit: Become human It was saved 4 million times.

Finally, the players God of war They have also approved the PlayStation Approval, with 1.4 million updated Leviathan Axes. In addition, nearly 1 million players have already found all the deposits Definition 4: The end of a thief.

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