Tuesday , September 27 2022

Some large dinosaurs are cooler


A stronger powerful dinosaur reserve uses a cooling fusion.

The giant strengths and the club's comet of comet are thought to be exhausting excessively from the sun.

They worked as radios, causing the air to breathe in the air from the heat and cooling the blood to the brain.

Roger Porter, the co-writers of the study, said: "When we rebuilt blood vessels on the basis of cannabis and canals, we found a bloodbath nearer to this graveyard.

"Blood from the body part of the blood goes through these blood vessels and enters into their heat.

"In addition, moisture is evaporated in long nursing habits and cooled out the crucial blood of the brain."

Researchers at Ohio University and New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine published their findings.

They used CT scanning and engineering through airborne passing through the nose of two different angular organisms, hippo size panoposiras and large rhono-sized euphonospyas.

Ankolozers are good to maintain heat, but it is likely to heat even in rainy seasons.

Due to their air conditioning capacity due to length of nose, the heat-exchange rate has decreased by 50 percent, while a small nose is being tested.

This natural engineering feature "may have allowed evolution of the size of many dinosaurs," they believe.

They developed a lot of "physiological pressure" of the size of the larger body.

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