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Solar's first short circuit was Real Madrid player

Effective agreement Santiago Solari As Technical Director Real Madrid This institution got calm. The FIG Florentino Press The precautions were to replace the zulen loptigii Mauritius Pochhettino And Antonio Conde. Because the MENGGAA alternate bench refuted the canceled coaches, the Indigo was confirmed as a coordination coach. When this decision was made, players in the white box announced their support for Solari publicly. However, the situation changed in the last days.

Santiago will discuss various ways of Spain ISCO Allerg The relationship between them worsens. According to journalist Mano Lama, the trainer asked the trainer to calculate each passage, Malaga replied: "We have enough to play." In addition to this fact, the 26-year-old midfielder does not typically require much training, and is very difficult to salary.

Although all were rumors, the story became more powerful after events from Rome to White House. Everything & # 39; Everything & # 39; s Marxis Laurent & Lucas Vuves & # 39; IPL IndiCenter EOCI has dropped the players.

However, Santiago took up the matter with his own testimony. "Well playing, ISCO is doing well, that's very important, I think it's just as I expect in others, all players are the best," Castillo's former coach Castilles said.

After 2-0 win against Rossa, Marcelo asked what caused the poor relationship between Solari and Isko. "I'm not ready to give Eesko advice, we are old, parents, we want to know what to do, all the players want to play, but it's time to work, that's what all the players have done, do not work, but football is so, see what you're doing and improve," He said in his left-hand side.

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