Sunday , January 29 2023

Smaller industrial production declined sharply in October


Small Enterprises

According to the Ministry of Industry Survey, these are the most vulnerable centers in the region Lack of market liquidity, low quality of payments network, and high interest rates.

Production of small enterprises, according to CEM In 2018, it fell by 1.9 percent over the same period. This information comes from a survey of over 300 companies from across the country and across the country.

"Production trend does not seem to progress again and will remain until next year" (CIIECCA)

The study was carried out by the researchers at the lowest month of October "Footwear and Skins", "Rubber & Plastic Products", "Wood Products and Furniture" And "Paper, cardboard, edition and printing".

The small growth was "Food Industry" (0.1 percent) and "Non Metallic Minerals". However, the production of chemicals did not change.

However, use Its installed capacity rose again to 58.7 per cent in OctoberThis sector is still very low.

Production trend does not seem to progress again. It will continue in the middle of next year. "Said Pablo Bossano, executive director of the Center for Electronics and Communication Industries (CIEECAA) in Argentina.

The installed capacity is less than 60 per cent "Companies are not sparse now, but their lost charges are not renewable".

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