Friday , January 27 2023

Small industrial production declined to 5% in October. Only 58% of the installed capacity is operating


The SME Industry is the sixth consecutive month, with 58.6 per cent surveyed.. In this framework, 74% believe their company's condition is normal, bad or critical. Only 18.7 percent should be taken within the next three months.

"The business of small entrepreneurs are aggravated by the lack of liquidity in the market, the low quality of payment chain, the high interest rates, and the need for repayment of loans, and many companies are continuously shrinking and resuming," they pointed out. .

Production of industrial SMEs declined by 5% in October It fell 5% in October compared to the same month last year. The sixth consecutive start.

Compared to September, the figure is 5.6% higher, and it basically explains monthly. In comparison, 2017 was down by 1.9 per cent over the same period.

This figure is based on CAME 's Monetime Industrial Survey conducted in 300 small and medium scale sectors in the country. The index of industrial production (PI) was at 79.8 points in October.

Wood Products and Furniture (-10.8%), Footwear, leather products (-10.4%), (-7.5%), "Transport Material" (-3.3%), "Textile and Textile (Clothing & Textiles) -3.3%), "Electrical Mechanical Products, IT, Managing" (-2.5 per cent). However, production of "Chemical Products" did not change, "Food Industry" (0.1 percent) and "Non-Metallic Minerals" (1.6%) grew.

"Production trend does not seem to progress again and will continue until next year," says Pablo Bossoño, Executive Director, Chamber of Information, Center and Information of the Center de Argentina (CIIECCA). "The installed capacity is less than 60 per cent, the companies do not just leave, but they will not renew the lost charges," he explains, "the price of the" strong "dollars.

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