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Since you are a virus, these are Google Play Games which should not be downloaded

November 28, 2018 – 19:26
Over 10 lakh Android apps have been downloaded from Google Play. Although they were no longer online, they gave hackers extensive permissions to extract data from mobile phones.

Google Play was an instrument for creating viruses through management simulation applications. Google Play is officially downloaded on Android. 13 videos were not downloaded for 560,000 downloads. Extensive permissions of hackers to extract data from mobile devices.

Those who have installed these infected applications need to change the security keys of the service and social networks on their phones.
Sklok security firm Esquet researcher Lucas Stefano said: "When you download and install an application from your Twitter account, your app is hidden in the app.

In fact, the process was not an error, but virus files and other files were secretly installed on the device with the APK extension that applications use for Android phones and tablets.
The names of the infected video games are:

  • Truck cargo simulator
  • Adventure sports car driving
  • Extreme car driving racing
  • Extreme car driving city
  • Terror War Tract Simulator
  • Moto cross Extra racing
  • Luxury car SV traffic
  • City Traffic Moto Racing
  • Hyper car driving
  • Car driving simulator
  • SUV 4×4 driving
  • Luxury car park
  • SV City Climbby Park.

These 13 applications are provided by cyber criminals for data, which is twice as "trending", ie the most downloaded information from the Google repository is still unknown.
Google spokesman Scott Westworth confirmed "The apps that violated our policies and have been removed from the Play Store"

Last year, over 700,000 applications were infected with malware from the official download site for computers with the operating system of Android.

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