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Showmate 2018: Andal de Brito Florenceia Penna in front of the critics


Florentine Pen was very disturbing in front of Alte de Brito Credit: Credit: Laughia Press

An unexpected controversy erupted in the jury



Florence Penn

He held a meeting with Angel


. The source of the problem is to criticize his partner in the program
The FIG Often, the actress said it was very similar

Laura Fernandes


Pena stated that she was disturbed in front of that comment. D'Brito made it publicly public: "I understand that I have a problem from press releases, I'm weak as jury, I want to break a comrade, it's a game, we have the power, I say the player is not saying, or I'm a bad jury What do I do? I want to clarify, I have to explain, I'm standing with them, I'm standing with them in the lorry, we defend ourselves, and we've got a lot of criticisms because they have made me critically accustomed to living my life in the form of my fundamental thought and my political thought ".

Marcelo Tennelli

That cycle says that we talk about all the young people. Pena recalls: "There is a strange, but I have not used it among my comrades, the strength of Lourdes for the Bard, the strength of Angle as a journalist."

During his reply, "I think we are all partners, I do not believe that the jury is more important than others". Finally, when you join your next event, they asked about your plan. You're trying to look like a bad guy in this picture. "

Florencia agreed that it was tired from the jury, the more programs and the programs. Marcelo explained, "This program is a game and the other is allowed to say the other one, these 14 years are beyond doubt that I am beyond your power to worship the floor."

Lorida Fernandes was in a flowering flower, said: "The angel may tell me about it, I'm laughing, for years I came here, I understand the code." D. Brito finally said: "I do not want her to cry." When he addressed her, she said: "It's okay to cheat you in this way, but it prevents me from winding up the wind." Florentia replied: "I am in a very complex personality, everything is okay."

When the topic was over,

Marcelo Polino

He said: "This is a game, we love one another, and sometimes it's more personal." Laurie protected her friend: "Here I think we have an artist, here she is capable of art, what is she to live in the things she lives, and we have a few years left in the light of that."

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