Tuesday , September 27 2022

Serran! Sophie Morendi and Julian Serrano are the new Kings in the Built-Til 2018 champions


Hubis corona! Sophie Morendi and Julian Serrano, one of the most famous and powerful couples in the competition, have won the 2018 Dancing Championships.

A couple of YouTuberers were among the finalists, including Jana Baron and Mauro Kisasa. After four debates, disco, chapado, salsa, and tango.

This edition had top priority in the chamber. That is, Nirulas joined Merlin Serranand, Matti Napp and Jimé and Morrow.

Couples came to the polls of the public. You're expecting something on the phone. On one hand Moriah and Serrani discouraged Micheas Viccione and Nacho Saraceni after being expelled. Baran and Kiyasan via Mari Del Ciro and Fukundo Masève departed

Soli Morendi and Julian Serrano won 59.86% of the 2018 Dance Runners and 49.14% of Runners.

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