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Sergio Goycochea considered the benefits of putting a sexual chip – 01/23/2019


As Carmen Barbera did in 2014, Sergio encouraged him to express his experience with Gooseka in "Sexual Chip". Thus, the former Argentine goalkeeper admitted that it was the second tool for raising sexual pleasure. "I put on a new sex chip, and secondly, it improves the quality of the muscles, mood and libido, after a particular age, lost testosterone," he revealed.

The latest fashion trend in sex and beauty in Europe and America is the sex chip. Although not yet known in Argentina, Carmen Barberi, Catherine Fleop and "Goioco" are already there.

"For people who spend 50 years, they lose hormones, testosterone production begins to stop, it's stabilizing muscle, taking mood, cholesterol, diabetes, sexual appetite," former goalkeeper, now a driver sports journalist and Daniel Ambrose Radio. Radio L Mundo.

They are like small granite rice, they injure you in your skin, they do not hurt anything, every six months will give your body the required testosterone levels, and I do other treatments, but now the second chip I'm going for. "That is," Goo "discussing" Does it work? "The former footballer replied that he would have to ask his wife (Laura Merlo).


Sergio Googoya's first restaurant "Italiania 90" opening.

Four years ago, Carmen Barberi revealed, proudly, she is one of the group members selected to chip, and Argentineans are a few, of course.

"You want it to be so." Using that phrase, the chip results are shortened to the star. He argues that the truth is not only about sexuality but also the desire to increase the desire: "You want to have sex with your partner, the last job for a sexy day," he admits. ; The chip was revealed as a gift. "I had to do something for myself and me," he said.

Weed said that this implant was placed in its highest heart. "A year ago, when I had a liposuction, the doctor said to me:" You were in the body, but the chip is flying. We should order one another, this is the second one, "he said in an interview.

He concluded: "This is a punch, that makes estrogen free for you, which leaves you with the divine skin, which gives you a great joke, I'm lubricated!"

Kathi Phulopp shared her experience in the Middle Ages last year. "I had Carmen (Barberti), put a sexual chip, and my wound still bruised me, Sex and City"He said.

Then he closed: "The trestoston, the trestlerone, the vaccine is like a hormone, you look younger in every way, your hair shines … all are still going to wear, and now he uses his little gel".

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