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Send the robot people to Mars


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Furthermore, the possibilities of these external planets can be determined to know the effects of at least gravitational conditions. Even unrecognized resorts indicate that Mars will violate NASA's current security guidelines.

Now all these problems are a simple solution. But what do you think of these words: "A small step for a robot, a big leap for mankind"? Instead of combining people to make colonies in the universe, we can send our bats. Today's generation is no longer near to replace people. Of course, in the mid-2030s, NASA has not planned to go to Mars – it can be forgotten at any time in that period by the determination of history. In the meantime, the technology of robot is rapidly developing: Check the "Boston Dynamics Manuscript Robot" Google. Imagine what robots like humans, like men, for two or three decades.

It is a simple reply: Yet women and women will be inspiring. After all, we all traveled to the moon by blue and bus. (Besides the fake moon shipped to the Hollywood studio). But how much would we say about the pioneer boots manufactured in the dust of the market by robots like humans?

3-cpo from Star Wars can send a comparable robot to Mars.

3-cpo from Star Wars can send a comparable robot to Mars.Credit:Invitation

Do not worry about clunky wheeler machines like NASA's curious circulating cores on Mars. Or the insight lander does not move even after tomorrow. Say at C-3PO, Looks like more relatable robots Star Wars – Although there is a version 2.0 that has a bold software update. We thought there were television standards coming back from the moon. This will also be brought back from Mars.

Mechanical pilgrims will not only be able to colonize the world but be more secure. For example, each launch of the space ships that humans carry will spend half a million dollars. (There have been more than a year's finals in about a dozen times!) However, the cairo mission will cost 300 million a year. Robot costs are low and the cost of living and safety is very low. They will not be silent on space radiation and less gravitational pull.

Manobo robot trains are currently being developed for the NASA space exploration – officially known as the Robot program – but the current plan is only a wage for them. Maybe if we encouraged the heroes of the planet Mars, the dreams of Mars had previously been recognized.

Graham PhD is a PhD scientist and biologist at Philips Astrophysics.

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