Thursday , June 8 2023

See the trees of a bird's ultraviolet-sensitive ice


View of the bird's eye can completely change your perspective. I literally mean.

A European researcher used a specially configured camera. Birds who make plants take pictures of trees for viewing plants. Their results are believed to reveal the hidden importance of ultraviolet vision, and think how much better the relationship between the species can be understood.

"In the past, we've been able to find a phenomenon that has become quite obvious in the past, but there was no modern study, beyond the previous studies," writes The Studies in Nature Communications.

Generate images by combining a collection of primary colors, like computer printers. But there are angles that the light receives, rather than three ink cartridges, which can detect light or wavelength of some colors. There are three kinds of angle conposures to find three types of wavelengths: blue, green and red. Some animals, including birds, have another set of angles that respond to ultraviolet light.

But did an animal need an ultraviolet vision? That is what the researchers wanted to understand. The plants photographed using a camera to cover and filter the visible and ultraviolet light. To illustrate the colors, the ultraviolet light appeared to be red. Adding the YV light reflects a big difference in a field that appears to all the green colors of human eyes. Plants depicting black and white above are only the ultraviolet spectrum. The higher the difference than the human eyes alone.

Researchers have shown that ultraviolet light explained new things that made it easier to understand. Green is amazed to tell the differential separation from the leaves when compared to the electrons. This is amazing because the leaves do not reflect light, as the leaves do other colors, so scientists do not expect to see dramatic differences.

There is no type of ultraviolet, either the majority of birds can see two ultraviolet waves within the fourth type of cone. Images suggest that each wavelength creates higher visual visual images in different types of forest areas. One of the open canons, in closed canoes of rainforests.

Of course we do not know Precisely How do birds see the world because we are human beings with three types of canvas. It is not the birds with four long concentric cells.

But that is a very interesting result because scientists are close to the bird's perspective of the world they can get. Perhaps this method will reveal more about the future of ethnic perspectives.

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