Monday , June 5 2023

See the Rock Memorial at the Moon during the Super Blood Wolf Eclipse


Still the eclipse liftstream in the graphite observatory creates an impact.

Video screenshot and red rounded casserier / CNET

Dramatically named "Super Blood Wolf, the lunar eclipse20-20 and 21-year-old telescopic observers noticed a brightness of athletic activity while creating a glow of light on the Moon's surface on a lunar light.

There are many telescopes feeds on this collision. This would be after a new crater on the Moon.

A live dream feed appears from Griffith Observatory in Lone Angeles.

The Midas Survey, which monitors the Moon's impact, confirmed this indication.

The moon gained its craters. Our space neighbors do not have the same atmosphere as we are on earth, so do not burn rocks nearby. When the Moon's surface reaches the surface, even a small fraction of light can generate the light.

The impact of the Moon is normal, but it is very interesting, turning to the Moon in the opposite of the Moon.

Most viewers may have a look at a small explosion, but once a film landed in a melleroady, let us look back with fini.

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