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Second round: Maris Martin told Cabitto

In a few minutes after residing with La Nazi, Avon avoided Cabitto's monthly Alcantara in Mattis Basti de Todo. Journalist and Driver were his most beautiful moment.

The driver criticized the former member's decision not to hire a flight and selecting "an indoor posting and afternoon programs" in a party organized by the cycle.

Martin also had strong words with Martin. Notwithstanding the radio authorities, Míreas Martin was the choice. "Qudad told him," She replied that she was upset about my health. I do not know if he was in the hospital when he was in the hospital. What to worry about I had a gas bypass surgery because I was going to die at my obesity. After the surgery I was physically dead and spent four days in intensive tube therapy. In those moments it helps you to find out who is with you, who is not and who does not reveal who you are, "he said in an interview with La Nazi.

Historical FM The driver of the Metro cycle made long term disclaimer. In 2019, the possibility of terminating the program through the harsh words of Cabito reduced.

Your word:

Well, I wanted to speak, I wanted to say anything about these events and the events that happened. We know a lot, because we are a lot more familiar with cabita, we were always with him, we did much to help him, I was always close to him, I was not careless for him, I know he helped me, I'm very close, I have evidence now: Dock My dialogues with the tail WhatsApp screenshots, I never thought or did not think they were going to send them.

"I have a very important, and we have always had with him, and we always helped us, at us, and I have always approached it, his situation was different, and I knew that he helped him, and I enjoy it proves that he teliyiccatayum: misisina By WHATSAPP to dial your doctors, and they will never be ready to go or not to believe. "

Changes in the group are not responding to personal problems, they respond to the artistic themes mentioned, through the face, face to face, face to face. There's a microphone here, it's very hard to understand me, just by phone and an audio, an Instagram post and TV shows on the table, and a peace of promise I have promised him all the possibilities of facing the door. After all, he always communicates and talks many times, always with his support and always support him. I know this sign is a pain because he wants this program but there is no war. There was never. My love and my family are still there. It is painful for me to make this farewell apart from him alone. The whole process is painful, the great difficulty facing it and the liability to fix it. Next year, we were planning to complete the program this year. Each of the members of the team spoke up. At the end of Bast's & # 39; I told everyone, looking at their eyes. Finally, I could fix it in a different way and rename the program. What I did with the calmness of the mind, how I did it, and how I always understood it: Humanity, respect and love always exist.

This shutter may well be the energy that gives us the energy we need now. It is facing another project. Perhaps, 2019, if it was the last year of Basta de Todo. My dear ones are my dear ones.

Finally, the Cabotto turned to networks, and Malena Ginsberg and Martin Garabal came to the new additions to Bessi Di Todo. He did not make the dancers or some members of the program happy.

@Caba ito: "section 5. special order love me for those who keep me away from love and heals me … They said to me," I'm gone … "

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