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Scientists have shown how the Earth will see the next superconduct in 200 million years

From 200 to 250 million years, today our planet is quite different from that of today. The researchers Matthias Green (Bangor in the United Kingdom), Hannah Sophia Davis, and JoAva C. Dwyer (Lisbon and the Portuguese University) in a paper.

Tectonic plates that produce the Earth's crust are beginning to travel at speeds of up to several centimeters a year, experts say. This means that the continental and continental continents are assembled on one continent and continuously stuck together for some hundred million years before it is re-divided.

The last subcontinent, The panda was formed about 3.5 million years ago 180 million years ago. It is believed that the next one or two can be generated from 250 to 250 million years. The pandemic cracks led to the formation of the Atlantic Ocean. It still opens and develops. The Pacific Ocean is shutting down and shrinking. Writing writers note that the subconfiguration zone of Afghanistan (fire) and Pacific lies in Afghanistan.

The researchers say that there are four basic conditions for the formation of the next super-party: Neo-guanganga, Panga, Ataria, Amaria.


Maintaining the current situation – Atlantic is open and the Pacific is falling – the next supercar will be formed on the opposite side of the old panda, experts say. Americans will join Antarctica, traveling north and, along with Africa and Urea, will begin to create NovoGeague.

Panga Last

If Atlantic developments are slowed down and shut down, its two small prototypical scatters will stick to the eastern coast of America, which will lead to the fun of the panda. America, Europe, and Africa will again be rejoined with a supermarket. The Panga Altima and the Pacific Super Chaco will now be surrounded.


On the other hand, if the new irrigation zones appeared in the Atlantic, the oceans could be closed on both sides and replaced by the new seabed.

In this context Asianet from Western India to Arctic is now entering pan-Asian crops. The resulting orientation is the formation of the superconnect, the center of which will be Australia, and now northwards.


Finally, the researchers point out that the fourth scene is a completely different order in the future. In this sense, they emphasize that a number of tectonic plates, such as Africa and Australia, move towards the north. In the magic of the earth, a phenomenon occurs by pagan aberrations. You can imagine a situation where the continental continuity of Amandia's mythical name is moving northward, except for Antarctica, until this scale exists.

Which one is more visible?

Scientists estimate that Napipa may be the most reasonable progression of current trends, as additional procedures involve interventions in three other cases.

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