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Scientists find a cosmic vampire

Fortunately, we have telescopes.

A blue light at the explosion from the ground led to the Billion degrees at supernova temperature.

"That's it," Dr. Brad Tucker said, "a very big event".

He was part of a team of hundreds of international scientists. Tucker had studied images and pictures from the star explosion in the world's telescopes.

Supernova is rare in the most powerful blast in the Milky Way galaxy. The astronomers knew when two white dwarfs that were close to the fuel and gravitated by the size of our planet were gravitationally bound to each other.

ANU astronomical professor Brad Tucker.

ANU astronomical professor Brad Tucker.Credit:Sithics Dithaongong

But they were suspected of being another trigger. A white dwarf may have a black star. At one point, white dwarfs can achieve a mass as if it is not self-sufficient.

Then, it was thesis, and it would explode.

This is white The verdict, theory confirmed, Dr. Tucker said.

Like a nuclear bomb, a huge shockwave with space in front of the supernova blast was made.

Through their telescope, astronomers chattered the white star-colored star of Showtime. Sharkev was "able to" pull it off the road, "says Dr. Tucker.

"It does not break any other star, but it is boring."

Scientists use the recording of the star's death to learn how the supernovaes are formed. There are many unanswered questions. Tucker says.

Published on Saturday The Astrophysical Journal Letters And The Astrophysical Journal.

Liam is the reporter of Fearx Media Science

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