Wednesday , October 5 2022

Savvy: "Messi was not bad at all, and Madrid continued in its history"


Over the years, Real Madrid's international career is essential. Barcelona and Lionel Messi went on to fourth place in the last five editions of the Champions League to Merangu, who did not have much to donate.

However, Zimbabwe's former midfielder Savi Hernandez has said Barcelona will be disappointed with the success of the white home at the Argentinean moment. "Messi period, when it is full, it is asaman'yaman, for us in the Champions ligayirunnu, we already have 5. Measamayirunnilla Messi period, continued their history of Real Madrid. Messi, Barca have made a change in the history of the past nine campyanmaranenkilum Ronaldo. Both of football in the last 15 years, Uttakayakki. "He said that in the discussion of the Marca patravumayulla.

The player who plays in the Qatar League al-Saad is now talking about Messi's time in Blackgrana: "Of course you may be noticed, Messi is not only a player, but a player who is the last ball, when he signs up the game of the team, when he gets injured, he gets a lot of attention and he's the same, He pp Iyunnu,'m breaking up with you, hunt you, melunt attacks. Peasrrmas'sin take the initiative to ensure the protection of the quarter. Now players (keattincea, debele, Sergei Roberto, athaan, Ter srregen …), and a step munneattukeantupeakanamennum savvy.

Finally, Hernandez praised Leo. He has served as staff for many years in Barcelona. Every year a golden ball will be given, "he said.

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