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Savarkar aims to achieve 7% of dollars in six months using the economic cycle


Within a month, Perros had invested 68.5 million dollars, making the interest rate high and attractive "new dollars"

He never goes back, he's always back, as the legendary Tango character. The city of Buenos Aires understands the interests of the economy and they know that "economic cycles" will have some backsliding, but when the remaining anchors are returning, the "temporary dollar" will be spending again. Variables.

This stability ensures that this stability ensures that the exchange rate policy is also a central bank that sends signals that it does not put more pressure than delivering pesos to protect the exchange rate. The price of the dollar.

As the peso placements prove to be the fastest growing, short-term puso investments will again be re-fashioned in the financial markets to make stronger profits in dollars. Now, not even Lebac, the largest amount for the server is concentrated in tarred deposits.

Risk-free training is not because it does not even have to protect the central "floor", if the exchange rate has a trigger and does not take a commitment to put a "limit".

Investors know this well after the roller coaster in 2018: After the black crisis, Labor has become the fastest appeal of the market, which became the stars of the market.

As a result of this, crops over time attracted much of the attractiveness of the dollar in the forefront of the end of September.

In the same sense, the UVA standard set out from the higher rates of inflation in the second and third quarter of the year is important.

And the new monetary policy imposed by Central Bank, the exchange rate pressure, has been easing, and inflation has been on some way, leading to interest revival in interest rates. , Like Lecaps or a fixed time limit.

The interest rate will be added to a fixed exchange rate at the current level and leaping towards non-transactional transactions, and the discussion on how to get paid on a financial cycle is returned in the Sensor stage.

This challenge is very low, but in some cases, the "gambler" investor in 2018 has seen a substantial loss, while in some cases it has reached 25% of the year.

Charges, an irrelevant request

But the "economic cycle" trade is "the choice of small savers and big investors, more precisely than the BCA precautions, based on the government's political strategy based on the one dollar re-election per year.

Matis Rogge, director of Portugal's Foreign Investures, commented, "After October 2018, there is a good business to take advantage of high prices in Peso.

Daniel Artana, the chief economist at Fiel, uses the classic financial cycle with deposits based on the classical basis and the interest rate above the inflation rate.

However, he adds it "Those who can not directly do so directly or indirectly through the banks face the amount from abroad."

"When long-term investments rise, they're ready to do it Care Trade Expectant rate highlights the expectations of exchange rate evolution. It seems to me that the central bank is making improvements, "he said.

These figures seem to accept such compliments. The average interest rate has increased by 14% since "Plan Santhis" started in October 2018. At the same time, the rupee was $ 41.80 to $ 38.50. 8%

With this myth, both cycles have made special speeds, and the dollar computes over 24% over three months.

A large movement of time deposits is checked from the data released by the Central Bank. Last month, the peso on fixed period increased by 10.9 per cent, and the rate of interest was 4% per month.

The total exchange rate was $ 0.932 billion a month ago, from $ 1.034 billion, indicating an increase of 101 billion dollars. Compared to about $ 30,000 to 30 days, ie approximately 68,500 million dollars, which is the total amount of oil collected from December to December.

A portion of these funds has decreased by 33% over the last 30 days from the expiration of UVA closures.

The terms most demanded on servers are 11.7 per cent between 90 and 179 days and 11.8 per cent growth (30 to 59 days).

As a result, the participants of the long-term placement period are taken into account for the harvesting:

  • The stability of the dollar
  • Increase public time placements
  • Break demand break.

In this sense, the last Monetary Report prepared by BCC in December 2018, "The interest rate for Pellos time deposits decreased in November, reflecting a part of the trend in the trend of LELIQ exchanges".

"In particular, private banks' badlar hit 49.5 percent, or about two percentage points from November, 20.7 billion or 53.3 percent in private banks, compared with a three percentage point a year ago.

In January last year, this low standards were emerged. Badlar's latest information is 45.5 percent and 47.5 percent of TM 20.

First of all, the distribution of the type of investors was about a million pesos funded, and their placements were about 16% and 5.6% of retailers.

Going forward

According to various financial and financial analysts, a survey conducted by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka indicates that the average fixed-term rate for the first half of the year and the inflation rate will be severe. Foreign investors refer to foreign investors, such as dollar, for foreign investors.

In this sense, based on market macroeconomics, the interest rate for bank loans would be 20.6 per cent in June, 14.7 per cent inflation, and one dollar dollar per dollar. %.

In this way, a 5% sequence in Economic Cycle Pesos, 7% Dollar, and a Semester. That is, it is difficult to get the dollar back through the other financial placements in the world.

Exactly, in Roy's opinion, "Reference investors' refinancing rates are mainly the decline in the secondary market, but in the field of exchange payments, the dollar in the band's level and the expectations of low inflation – are still very attractive."

"Now, there is definitely a theme Time How the international markets work, the evolution of the environment, the politics of analyzing the management of privileges, not only the economic perspective, but also the expert "adds.

In the same sense, Banco Marao experts say, "Investment in the local currency is attractive to attract investors using currency deposits, and we expect more pesos than the petrol deivas of high prices in the peso."

On the other hand, balance experts view kare-trading strategies with good eyes. In their opinion, "Peso prices are very high, and we hope that the exchange rate will continue to be stable to lower bands.

In this case, allow a peso price in the new plan, and we recommend at least the next few weeks to take advantage of the trade gains, "she said.

Although CreditSuisse experts have added recent regional analysts to the opinion, "The monetary policy will continue to remain at the moment and try to reconfigure its credibility, even though the Central Bank does not guarantee that the interest rate of the financial policy is no longer".

In this sense, "we think that at the end of current years from 59% to 2019 we will reduce the monetary policy to 40%."

They are considering their predictions, "the middle budget has set the target for monetary values ​​up to the middle of the year, which has surpassed the implementation of the current regime in October last year."

In addition, "We expect the program to continue in the coming months, which should be linked to the inflation index and associated with the elimination of energy subsidies and wage pay."

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